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Ardent Industries is an Idaho based manufacturing company that understands the difficulties that oftentimes present themselves while sourcing a supplier for your product. The ever present disconnect between the shop floor, office personnel and the customer is one of the key aspects we focus on eliminating. Having personable, knowledgeable staff as well as open communication with the customer is key to creating a long lasting partnership between customer and supplier. Problem solving is best performed with collective minds all aiming toward a common goal. Located in Nampa, Idaho and dealing primarily with metal material, we enjoy the process of transforming ideas and concepts into real world problem solving solutions.

Having been inspired by and forming a true passion for the manufacturing industry early on, Ardent Industries is a true “started in a garage” story. What started as a desire to combine two passions, auto racing and manufacturing, has paved the way to what Ardent Industries is today. Through the years we have prided ourselves on high quality workmanship with honesty and customer service being at the forefront of everything we do. This includes more than just the quality of the end product but also all of the small steps along the way that prove to be crucial in finding the best problem solving solutions. Over the years we have expanded several times, relocating from California in 2017, and have continuously added to our list of in house processes to better serve our customers needs.

It’s a pretty simple recipe in our eyes; passion drives a sense of pride in workmanship that simply cannot be matched. Passion is priceless. Let us be a contributing member of your team and together we can be sure to find the best solution to your problem solving needs.

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